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About The Artist
Meet Cor Boon

As an emigrant boy from a small town in the Netherlands, I had always been fascinated by the natural world around me. Small creatures, plants and all living things fascinated me.

I found all the inspiration I ever needed in the natural world and the extraordinarily beautiful landscapes that are so abundant in North America.  I studied wood carving with renowned Master Carver, Robert Ptashnik where blocks of wood came to life as highly detailed life-sized sculptures of birds.  With a focus on Shore birds, my abilities were soon rewarded by winning divisional competitions leading to the professional level.

Forest Scene

Studying art privately I owned and operated a Commercial Studio, and as the love of the Photographic process never left me, the Black and White silver halide prints of my dogs and wildflowers and the world of the ‘small’ are now on display in my gallery. 

The On-Line Gallery displays of small wildlife carvings of 54 different figures from which I created Silicone molds and were then cast in Plaster. These stable, highly detailed castings are available on-line as well as my studio and gallery.

Artist or Craftsman?

All ‘artists’ stand on the shoulders of all the ‘greats’ before them! The comment gives rise to several questions of ‘What is Art’ and What makes an artist? In frequent discussion with my brilliant Artist colleague Henry Noestheden who has a Master Degree in Fine Art, we have spent countless hours discussing art and artists. 

Thousands of ‘Artists’ ply their craft and have expectations of success. Most times these expectations are not met and yet, they still remain hopeful.  Hope may eventually give way to anger and depression when their work is not immediately recognized. Just because the work is done, doesn’t necessarily make it wonderful and maybe the creation or the idea did not receive value. 

It is easy to believe and understand that thousands of artists (even the Greats) have suffered the same experience of not being recognized at the time they were historically at their prime. 

As I think of the ‘Greats’ from history and their works in Museums throughout the world I am humbled. I have seen the Great Masters of history and their works are simply beyond words to describe. 

Certainly, as a Dutch immigrant boy arriving in Rural Canada, I became connected to the extraordinary natural beauty of the world around me. The gentleness of nature, the acceptance and the exquisite expressions of the natural drew me in through the years to the bigger picture of the Cosmos. 

Trying to interpret the underlying beauty of a small beautiful and fragile butterfly introduces me to countless additional possibilities. I am looking for a very small place to be, by focusing on creating such small forms - it is then that I am provided with an endless offering of the greater and extraordinary beauty of our Universe. I can’t reproduce it but I can try to express how I see or experience small parts of it. It is completely independent, quiet and alone. 

Is it Art? or is it Craft? It doesn’t matter and it’s not for me to decide. What is important is that I make the offering - - - It's the idea and what's behind the idea that is most important and therein lies the value.

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