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The Hare is a furry mammal with strong back legs and are very fast runners.  Jack Rabbits as they are commonly called in North America are Hares!  They have long legs, long ears, larger bodies and as they live above ground and not in burros, need to be very fast runners to outrun most predators with speeds up to 50 KMH. Nature does such a brilliant job with the various strategies devised for survival. The fur of the Snowshoe Hare of northern Ontario turns white for the winter making it difficult to spot and it furry feet are designed by nature to allow it to run is deep snow! 

The Frame is  7" x 7" square stained Hardwood. Round opening is 5" dia. Artwork is covered with a Clear Domed glass lens.

Giving rise to an idea for a carving can be a daunting experience. Whether you’re an Author, a Painter or any other creative pursuit a project has to begin with an idea! How does an artist generate an idea for a carving subject? Almost all of my inspiration comes from the natural world and I am equally delighted by all creatures, large or small. A small Hummingbird is incredibly beautiful as is North America’s largest deer, the Moose. The fragility of a small Butterfly must convey that delicate fragility in the carving in addition to the startling beauty of its design. The power and size of the Moose must also be expressed. The final piece may take days or weeks to complete and once completed, the wood must be sealed with a durable finish and left to cure in preparation for casting a mold. The sealing and painting process must not lose or diminish any of the fine details of the hand-carved original. 

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