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The Snow Crab is a crustacean of the Northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Snow crab prefer the colder waters of the Northern Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Snow crabs may also be called Queen and Opilio crabs. Snow crab require cold Glacial melt waters and are in danger of enormous reductions with warming waters in both oceans. Catches in 2020 were 36.6 million pounds in Alaska and 70 million pounds in the cold waters of the North Atlantic.  Such numbers decimate the Crab populations  and are simply not sustainable and typical of human interference with the Atlantic Cod being a good example from which it seems nothing has been learned.

The Frame is  7" x 7" square stained Hardwood. Round opening is 5" dia. Artwork is covered with a Clear Domed glass lens.

Giving rise to an idea for a carving can be a daunting experience. Whether you’re an Author, a Painter or any other creative pursuit a project has to begin with an idea! How does an artist generate an idea for a carving subject? Almost all of my inspiration comes from the natural world and I am equally delighted by all creatures, large or small. A small Hummingbird is incredibly beautiful as is North America’s largest deer, the Moose. The fragility of a small Butterfly must convey that delicate fragility in the carving in addition to the startling beauty of its design. The power and size of the Moose must also be expressed. The final piece may take days or weeks to complete and once completed, the wood must be sealed with a durable finish and left to cure in preparation for casting a mold. The sealing and painting process must not lose or diminish any of the fine details of the hand-carved original. 

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